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The Dalmore 15

Der Dalmore 15 wird in den Highlands gelagert. Reifung in verschiedenen Fassarten macht den Dalmore 15 Jahre so besonders. Dalmore 15 in 1 Liter Flasche. Wir wollen den Dalmore 15 Jahre heute dennoch persönlich verkosten: Kann der schicke Single Malt mit dem Sherry-Finish im Tasting glänzen? Bereits ab 64,49 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Dalmore 15 Jahre 40% Whiskey günstig kaufen bei

Holziger Hirsch: Dalmore 15 Jahre im Test

Der Dalmore 15 Jahre reifte zunächst zwölf Jahre in amerikanischen Exbourbon Weißeichenfässern und wurde dann drei Jahre lang ausgebaut. Das Finish e. Wir wollen den Dalmore 15 Jahre heute dennoch persönlich verkosten: Kann der schicke Single Malt mit dem Sherry-Finish im Tasting glänzen? Der Dalmore 15 wird in den Highlands gelagert. Reifung in verschiedenen Fassarten macht den Dalmore 15 Jahre so besonders. Dalmore 15 in 1 Liter Flasche.

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The Dalmore 15 Year Old Review #122

Deep amber with copper/gold highlights; forward aromas of leather, baking spices, chocolate and toasted oak; on the palate, an unctuous texture, with flavours of marmalade and chocolate punctuated by the spiciness of oak; the finish is long and warm, with a gingery, spicy character emerging. The Dalmore 12 year old, with its intricate aromas and flavours, is recognised as a whisky with character far beyond its age. This was Andrew Mackenzie’s original masterpiece and stood apart from the norm of the day. The Dalmore 15 year old is smooth, rich and well rounded; the epitome of The Dalmore /5(). A favourite expression in the Dalmore stable, this year-old is elegant and smooth, with lipsmacking texture and the flawless balance one would expect from blending maestro Richard Paterson/5(72). The Dalmore 15 is smooth, rich and well rounded; the epitome of The Dalmore house style. The spirit is initially matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks, yielding soft vanilla and honey notes. It is then finished in multiple rare Sherry casks, including two available only to The Dalmore distillery. DALMORE 15 YR. ml. Highlands, Scotland- Smooth, rich, and well rounded; the epitome of Dalmore style. Aromas of orange marmalade, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Notes of mandarin, vanilla, ginger, and crushed apples on the palate. Finishes with Christmas spice and oak. A favourite expression in the Dalmore stable, this year-old is elegant and smooth, with lipsmacking texture and the flawless balance one would expect from blending maestro Richard Paterson. Tasting Notes (2) Flavour Profile Facts Tasting Notes Videos Reviews How We Pack. An evolved take on the process used in The Dalmore 12, the year expression is aged for 12 years in American bourbon casks before being split between three different styles of sherry woods. The Dalmore 15 year old was first launched in Matured in Matusalem, Apostoles and Amoroso Sherry casks, it proffers all those winter spice, orange zest and chocolate notes characteristic of Dalmore. Country Loading countries However, I received a bottle this Christmas as a present and it is bad! Will never buy or drink dalmore again. Every illegal gypsy distillery in Bulgaria produces better stuff. Well worth every Bester Browser Für Windows Xp

Wichtig, dass The Dalmore 15 selbst jeden Anbieter fГr mehrere, dass Sie The Dalmore 15 und sicher spielen kГnnen! - Lieferzuschlag

Auch die Sherryfässer haben unverkennbar ihre Spuren hinterlassen.
The Dalmore 15

The bottle I bought today is hands down awful. Weird wood flavors and no complexities or savory flavors. Just eww, how sad.

The nose is pretty good chocolate orange with a subtle note of fruitcake. Palate is Medium with a nice finish. For the price I think it's reasonable.

Read a lot of positive reviews for this one. However I'm a bit dissapointed. On the nose I got a slight whiff of chocolate then alcohol that's it.

The taste was very smooth but not very complex. No burn very easy to drink neat. I would say it's good for someone who's never had whisky before but for the price it's not complex enough.

Very disappointed with this one. Fantastic packaging but you can't drink that! Beautifully presented colour wise. That's all the good bits out of the way.

Totally lacking anything like a complex nose, just a whiff of caramel. Taste barely exists. Slight caramel taste then alcohol burn.

There is absolutely nothing to like about this. Just feel sorry for the spirit being locked away in a barrel for 15 years. My wife and I tried this one.

She is not a big Scotch drinker, but instantly picked up on the sweetness of it. Had a very nice finish too, with to me a citrusy taste.

We both liked this one. We do a fair bit of tasting, but are from being any sort of experts, we just knew what we like.

This is one that we sampled at Christmas amongst others and it turned out to be our favourite of the night. Shame to read that there have been bad batches, but I'd give it a chance and will be buying a bottle soon, it'll sit very nicely in the collection and have a place of its own.

I will not shy away from saying that I am a novice reviewer and that my entry into the world of whisky appreciation has only just begun, yet this is such a delightful drop that I wanted to convey my thoughts.

I started some months ago, aided and abetted by my wife, into a whisky journey; starting with simple single malts of tender years and working our way outwards to singles of greater years.

A simple plan born out of an attempt to train our palettes and appreciation first, before moving on to the more complex territory of blended malts and even older years!

The Dalmore found its way to my door following a 12 year old Auchentoshan triple distilled and, despite my fondness for the smoothness and depth of the former, the Dalmore was something else altogether; the Auchentoshan almost felt thin by comparison, such is the richness and fruit-packed nature of this perfectly balanced whisky.

Not overly sweet, it has a pure vanilla and honey fragrance, backed up with cherry, cinnamon, sticky marmalade and the faintest of smoke finishes that is absolutely superb!

Smooth, yet characterful, complex yet rounded, this is something I will look forward to drinking again and would recommend that you seek it out Well, for the age and money, probably one of my first choices out of any whiskey on the market, also one of my first choices out of the Dalmore range!

Expect quality and rich wonderful flavors such as Christmas-cake, raisins, dark cherries, cinnamon and nutmeg. The smell is easy, because it smells like Christmas, YUM!

If your new to this whiskey and don't like it, well you wont like whiskey at all, so dont bother writing a review! Dalmore it worth every penny, this particular one beats a lot of 18 year old whiskies in every shape and form.

Dalmore never really fluctuates in flavor as it is something I can rely on as a mouthwatering whiskey, ooh yeah, fifth bottle in! Apparently, judging by the negative reviews?

I am lucky to have bought one of a good batch. Holy crap this is amazing. Got introduced to the Dalmore with the 12 and reading about the 15 got me intrigued.

And I am very glad I bought this bottle today. I've had a couple of bottles of this over the last couple of years and actually ranked it as my favourite whisky with its sweet caramel flavour and it's smooth finish.

However, I received a bottle this Christmas as a present and it is bad! The sweetness has all but disappeared along with the smoothness.

This batch should have been rebranded as something else as it certainly isn't the Dalmore 15 I have come to know and love.

Good taste, very smooth,chocolate taste, goes very well with Indian spicy food. After seeing how hit and miss this dram appears to be with the audience must be quality control?

Red apple and ginger with maybe a hint of treacle in there somewhere Smooth finish with a peppery hit.

Received as a gift and think it one of the best malts I have tasted. If I could afford to I would drink it all the time.

Very smooth and no after burn like some malts most enjoyable. Bought a bottle from DFS after reading rave reviews on this sherry monster. However, like some other folks here, the bottling I have is just horrible.

I agree with "caramel flavoured fire water". No complexity and a touch of sweetness. Caramel on the nose. Then the alcohol burn. I don't know what to do with the rest of the bottle :.

First time trying this. Decent start with sweet sherry but lacking in a robust after-taste. Will use this as a starter if in aa drinking a chain of other whiskies.

Recommended for light-tasting cuisines like Chinese but not on its own. I always add a touch of water to my whiskey, The Dalmore lends itself to this.

I found it smooth to the tongue with a peppery finish. I especially enjoyed holding it in my mouth and allowing the flavors to build. As for the price, I think all scotch whiskey is over priced but that is life.

I have had Dalmore 15 a few times, sometimes it is awesome and then the next bottle is meh. I really wish I knew how to pick the good bottle ahead of time.

This bottle was great! First sniff, "ooh, is that some butterscotch? Add a drop of water and the umami comes right out, doubling down on that butterscotch.

It was great! I almost want to ask if there is a chance the wrong scotch was put into the dram bottle.

Aftertaste was good too, left me with just the right amount of happiness, and the saltiness I attributed to the butterscotch flavor lingers.

Well done! If it was consistently like this, I would buy a bottle! And then worry about drinking it too fast. Final Note: I am doing the advent calendar.

As a result, I get one drink at it to decide if I like it enough to buy more. Sometimes I need to drink something three or four times to make up my mind.

Thus, my rating is based on a one-time drink experience. This was the first dram of the Advent Calendar we just received as a Christmas gift.

A fine way to start 24 tastings. I never understand reviews that talk about this flavor or that flavor.

I just know what I like and I liked this Dalmore expression very much. I've had Dalmore before and this is a worthy addition to those I've tasted earlier.

I guess I got lucky judging by the posts complaining about quality issues. This was absolutely brilliant.

Very smooth. Very nice. I could drink it all year long. First, let me say I'm a relative newbie, trying to learn about Scotch.

My tastes are developing and not sophisticated. My favorites to date are Glenmorrangie Quinta Ruban and Glendronach Parliament 21 so you know my flavor bias.

I've always admired the bottles with their silver stag ornament. I was heartened by the smell, which was warm and toffee ish but with a hint of fire in the back.

The taste however was sharp, acrid and very much in contrast to the nose. Burnt going down. Next added a few drops of water which made the initial taste smoother and more palatable but then it turned into something kind of like acidic vegetables, and still burned like crazy when I swallowed.

Not for me. From some of the other comments it seems possible that this label might be inconsistent. I may give it a try again.

But not eagerly. I confirm what previous reviewers are saying: something has gone very wrong with this whisky. The mixed reviews here are understandable once you've opened and then had drams over a period.

The problem is the palate and lasting taste which is not smooth, leaving a taste of wood and alcohol. Got a bottle of this from Duty Free hoping for a decent sip - after which I don't know what to do with the rest of the litre.

There's some taste of bad wood and very stinging alcohol, and that's the end of it. Nowadays I may take a sip of this, just a few tiny drops, then move on to some proper drink and behold, instantly you tell how good the other one is.

The magic works every time, even for cheap blends like the red label. Just opened another bottle of this stuff - and it's definitely not the same as I had a month ago.

So I agree with other unlucky guys here. There's definitely something wrong with quality control. Bought this bottle several months back and brought with me on vacation.

Caramel-flavored firewater nails it. Given the positive reviews I've read on this Scotch, I was excited. Now after opening I am quite disappointed.

No complexity, just an alcohol burn. Does this distillery have quality control issues? I believe those who rated this highly, I just do not think those folks tasted what I just opened.

I had some of this at a tasting a couple of years ago, and it was by far the best of the whiskies I tasted.

The bottle I've just had delivered is definitely not the same stuff. I think the best description I can come up with is "caramel-flavoured firewater".

It's tedious, slightly sweetened, one-dimensional. There's little on the nose, and the palate gives you nothing but a lingering sense of ethyl alcohol.

I'm very disappointed, and I suspect that there's either some major quality control issues, or somewhere along the line, there's been some shenanigans.

Has a slightly cloying flavor - I guess it's the orange chocolate I'm not crazy for but it's deep, complex, rich, and obviously well-made. A little seaweed saltiness would help balance the orange - chocolate and sweetness for me.

Close to being one of the best ever in my book. I am usually a Peaty filled whiskey lover. Laph or Lag any day. But knowing what to expect before trying this marvel, made for a wonderful experience.

Nose: I could keep it in the glass all day. One of more pleasant to breathe in. It has such a smooth feel and end. Compared to others that are of the same family, this is very hard to beat.

I have met a few from the Dalmore family and this one has not let me down. Let it breath a while for it to deliver its full aroma. The taste is not overly complex and really opens up with a splash of water.

Does not beat the 18 year old but comes close. I was quite pleased with this reasonably priced single malt. Overpriced, overhyped. Maybe I hit a bad batch?

Who knows. Would definitely benefit from higher abv and no chill filtering. Got most of the classic Dalmore notes - oranges, chocolate, leather, oak, ash.

All very flat though, finish is just leather, ash and a nasty burn. Definitely a poperi smell, sherry presence, malted barley, X-Mas Fruit Cake, Orange body, lemon cough drops.

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Tasting bar available. Cold beer room. Bilingual service available. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoy having distinct voices in the chorus offered by any label.

With The Dalmore, there are clear differences between this bottling, the year-old, and the year-old derivations. That being said, I found the experience of this individual dram to be underwhelming.

It should be noted that prices on The Dalmore tend to vary wildly depending on the market, so shopping around is recommended.

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The Dalmore 15
The Dalmore 15 The Dalmore 15 Jahre Single Malt Scotch Whisky mit Geschenkverpackung (1 x 0,7l): Bier, Wein & Spirituosen. Versand frei ab 50€» Paypal Direkt, Rechnung» Dalmore The Fifteen 15 Jahre: Dalmore 'The Fifteen' reifte für 12 lange Jahre in feinen Bourbonfässern. Wir wollen den Dalmore 15 Jahre heute dennoch persönlich verkosten: Kann der schicke Single Malt mit dem Sherry-Finish im Tasting glänzen? Bereits ab 64,49 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Dalmore 15 Jahre 40% Whiskey günstig kaufen bei Der Artikel kann bereits vorab bestellt werden, befindet sich jedoch noch auf dem Lieferweg in unser Lager. Alle akzeptieren. Der Dalmore 15 Jahre überzeugt Demi Gods Tasting mit einem weichen Mundgefühl und würzigen, fein durchkomponierten Holznoten. Sorry about this Brought a bottle Zigarettenautomaten Hacken had tried it at a whiskey festival My experience with the Dalmore was then surprising as the flavour was not as intense, but the smooth, clean and easy finish made this a very pleasant drop. It fades into the whiskey's moment of substance, a harsh wooded sherry. At the beginning i was not impressed, all Postcode.De sweet for me. Store Name and Address. I have not tried this beforebut I do enjoy the "new" one. A firm favourite of mine. Making you take Geklärt Englisch sips to rekindle the moments. Who knows. Dalmore 15 Bottling Note The Dalmore 15 year old was first launched in Very rich.


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